Leading with Intention – A Message from NACUFS

We want to take a moment to speak to, and reflect upon, the unsettling events that have taken place this past week – first in Minnesota, and the ripple effect throughout our collective communities.

As we look to our mission – to support and promote excellence in collegiate dining, we focus on serving our members as a professional resource for you to elevate the dining experience, to transform the campus community experience.

To help you do this, it is just as important to bring forth education and collaboration opportunities as it is to communicate and assemble during times of crisis.

In serving in this resource capacity, NACUFS would like to encourage each of you to read the Spring 2020 edition of Campus Dining Today®, which was mailed out on Monday. This issue focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion with dynamic content created and contributed by your college and university peers. We anticipate this issue being available on a digital platform within the next few weeks, so you can continue to do research on ways to collaborate with one another to bring forth excellence on your campus – at each and every level. The articles will enable you to equip yourself with a deeper understanding of the need for inclusion and importance of racial equality.

In addition, Mary-Frances Winters will be speaking during the NACUFS 2020 Virtual Conference on Friday, July 10, 2020. The session, Inclusion Starts with “I”, will examine the role of self-understanding and barriers, like unconscious bias, that can impede inclusion.  

At NACUFS, we are committed to celebrating individual differences, practicing inclusion, and treating people with fairness and dignity. We will endeavor to work with people and organizations who share our core values - integrity, inclusiveness, continuous improvement, critical thinking, and responsiveness. Now is the time to lead with our values; and we encourage each of you to do the same.

You can view our complete Diversity and Inclusivity Policy here.

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