Hugh Acheson

Hugh is a self-taught chef, who believes in not only the potential, but the necessity for everyone to learn the skills to prepare healthy and fulfilling meals from scratch at home. Born and raised in Canada, Hugh began his journey by working in restaurants in his teens. He worked under multiple successful chefs, growing his skills and working his way up in the hospitality industry. In addition to being a successful chef and business owner, Hugh has published four cookbooks and has received recognition in various magazines and newspaper publications. He also competed on Bravo's Top Chef Masters: Season 3, and returned in seasons 9-13 as a judge, as well as Top Chef: Duels, and hosted Battle of the Sous Chefs. 

Today, Hugh is the chef and owner of multiple restaurants in Georgia, and is the founder of Seed Life Skills, a curriculum which emphasizes retainable real-life skills with topics including hands-on culinary instruction, consumer economics, and DIY design projects.



Andy Stangenberg 

With over 27 years of experience in the operational field of the service industry in six different countries, Stangenberg developed a tremendous understanding of service excellence and the importance of service engagement between associates and guests, members, customers and patients. He taught the school of service and leadership in many countries and owned and operated private hospitality schools in Aruba and Maui. His experience as an executive hotel director required him to play a constant role as a coach and trainer, strengthening the engagement quality between people.

Stangenberg has been featured as a keynote speaker in many conventions around the globe, including World Conferences in Las Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans, San Diego, London, Shanghai, Zurich and Honolulu. Stangenberg is used by world leading companies as master coach, responsible for employee and leadership development. He also acts as a business coach and life coach and is working with individuals to improve their professional carrier and their personal life culture. His high energy and captivating presentations style has earned him the reputation as one of the top speakers of our times and a master in the art of storytelling.  Stangenberg facilitates fluently in English and German.