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Verne Scholl
Food Service Administrator
University of Wisconsin - Madison

As a Conference Co-Chair for the NACUFS 2018 Midwest Regional Conference I regularly participated in regional conference calls with the national office and the other 2018 hosting regions.  I began to understand the importance the national office had on ensuring that each region worked together as one association, but could see the unique difference that each region offered.  As an invited member of our Midwest Council meetings, I could see how talented the Midwest Region’s members where.  With a lot of peers encouraging me to consider this role, and still continuing to strengthen our NACUFS involvement, I am confident that my recent involvement and roles in the NACUFS Midwest Region will ensure that this region will continue to build on our professional network that will continue to support all college and university employees in their career goals through education and networking with people and industry experts. I thank you for your support.