Nancy Carrier Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to 2015 winners of the $1000  Nancy W. Carrier scholarships Julia Morrison; Salisbury University and Tiffany Bray; Penn State University.  Students were evaluated based on their work experience, leadership roles, scholastic honors, extra-curricular activities, and recommendations from their managers and advisors.   We had twenty one applications from students all over the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Tiffany and Julia had outstanding qualifications.  Much appreciation goes out to Pat Benson; Millersville University and Karen Hensley; University of Richmond for their help in evaluating the candidates.


Cynthia R. Stearns

Assistant Director:
Marketing & Special Programs

University of Richmond
Dining Services

34 Wilton Way
Richmond, VA  23173

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PB Crave Tasting

One and all  - I am need of at least 20 College and Universities to be willing to sample the offerings from PB Crave.  I'm trying to set up a new Peanut Butter Bar on campus and want to us the product from PB Crave.  We've done a sampling and in the first hour sold over 1/2 our product.  I need some other input, and I contacted the company and they will send a 4 pack of the Peanut Butter to anyone interested in sampling to see if it would be a good fit for campus. 

They offer 4 flavors at this time.  CoCo Bananas, Choco Choco, Razzle Dazzle and Cookie Nookie.  Here is the link http://www.pbcrave.com/

Contact me at sanderso@shepherd.edu and I will make sure there is a sample sent to you with info, and then I can in turn connect t with US foods to try and get the product in stock so I don't have to order direct.

Thanks for your time and email me if you have any questions.




NACUFS Food Service Management Institute (FSMI), June 2014

After spending the week at Rich’s Renaissance Center in Buffalo, New York for the Food Service Management Institute, I was inspired to make myself more accountable as a manager on all levels including an improved customer service program. Founded on facets of integrity and customer service,the Rich Promise: “We will treat our customers, our associates and our communities the same way. Like family” will inspire you to be a better person and manager.  One of the Rich managers, “director of motivation and celebration” offered his pearls of wisdom on taking care of the customer and marketing a product. I plan to institute many of his “pearls of wisdom” in my unit this fall.

The week began with intense training on all the things that make our operations thrive—cost control, budgeting and financial reports, building a menu, HACCP and quality assurance.  Julaine was our facilitator and teacher, and the lady is a wealth of information. She did a phenomenal job of sharing her knowledge with the group of FSMI participants. After we absorbed all this information, we had the amazing opportunity to put it into action. We were tasked with two projects: creating a restaurant and serving the Rich’s community lunch, and presenting a formal bid to open a food service operation. The challenges of these projects were not in the defined parameters of the project but rather the group dynamics of working with individuals you just met.  After we rode the waves of “forming, storming, norming and performing” our group meshed and the project was an epic
success.  We developed and created an entire business plan around a college food truck. 

At the conclusion of the program we were given the opportunity to tour the Niagara Community College Culinary Arts Center and have our farewell dinner at their restaurant. Needless to say, it was amazing—every course!!  Each group presented their respective presentations at the Community College. After the final presentation we were critiqued on our presentation skills. That is always a humbling experience, but absolutely necessary for improving your public speaking skills.  

I returned to Pennsylvania reflecting on everything I had learned over the past week.  The institute has so much to offer to the food service manager. Without hesitation, I would recommend this institute to any operations manager. Working alongside a
diverse mix of talented professionals from other universities was the true learning experience, one I will never forget!

Thank you NACUFS!


Region Conference Re-cap

Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Regional Conference

Connect to Success

Rutgers, New Brunswick, New Jersey

March 19 -22, 2014


                Congratulations to Rutgers for hosting an amazing conference!

                Ten Chefs from the Mid-Atlantic Region participated in the Culinary Challenge: Chef Phil Charles, Millersville University; Chef Theodore Foster, Bryn Mawr College; Chef Andy Kerscher, University of Richmond;  Chef Zach Lorber; Penn State University; Chef Chris Mushall, Lynchburg College; Chef Brian Petersen, Rutgers University; Chef Thomas Schraa, University of Maryland; Chef Jonas Scott Spiker, Marshall University; Chef Matthew Starry, Dickinson College; and Chef Erik Weatherspool, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Congratulations to Chef Thomas Schraa who won the competition with his creation of “Lobster Stew” and will represent the Mid-Atlantic Region during the National Culinary Challenge in Baltimore, MD in July.

                Michelle Moss of Villanova University has been elected President Elect. Due to the restructuring of the Mid-Atlantic Council Officers, Michelle will assume the position of President of the Mid-Atlantic Region after the National Conference in July. Deb Hydock, Gettysburg College, was re-elected as the region’s Information Officer.

                Danielle Niro-Sams and Nick Emanuel, Conference Co-Chairs were the recipients of the Vice-President’s award for their outstanding work on the conference.

                Lori Pierce, Agilysys, was the recipient of the Industry Appreciation Award.

                Please visit the following link for a photo gallery from the conference.


                And finally, a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors!

Diamond: Schwan; The Mushroom Council; J. Vrola; Performance Food Group; Ozzi Enterprises; Nestle; US Foods; Sun Coffee Roasters; Sysco.

Gold: Pepsi Co; Signature Solutions; Hormel Foods; Agilysys; Mercer.

Silver: Sea to table; Bake’n Joy; Hobart Corp; Peet’s Coffee & Tea; John Morrell Food Group; Tyson Foods; Premier Reach.

Bronze: Bush Brothers; BrakeBush Brothers; Ferrero Food Service; Campus Dining; Barilla; RC Fine Foods; General Mills; Guayaki Yerba Mate, Hubert.

Gifts In-Kind: Snikiddy; Millers Rental.

Noodle Bar at Gettysburg College!

Gettysburg College Dining Services held a "Top Your Own Noodles" bar on Tuesday, February 18, 2014. Students were provided with a cup of Yakisoba noodles and served their choice of chicken or shrimp. From there, the rest was up to them! Toppings available included green onions, shredded carrots, mung sprouts, red peppers, snow peas, Asian spiced endamame, green peas, asparagus, shredded Napa cabbage, sweet chili sauce, Szechauan sauce, and fried wanton noodles, and of course, a ladle of vegetable noodle broth. Students enjoyed the menu with approximately 50% returning for a second portion and about 30% returning three or more times!