Featured Sessions


Temple Grandin - Understanding Animal Welfare


Dr. Grandin is a best-selling author and professor of animal science at Colorado State University. She has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows and publications, and was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Infuential People in 2010. Her life story was recently made into the award-winning HBO movie "Temple Grandin.” In 2017, she was inducted into The Women's Hall of Fame and, in 2018, made a fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. From

Chris Bell - Pop Culture and Diversity


Dr. Christopher Bell is the director of graduate studies and an associate professor of media studies at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. He specializes in the study of popular culture, focusing on the ways in which race, class and gender intersect in different forms of children's media. Dr. Bell is a TED speaker, a diversity and inclusiveness consultant for Pixar Animation Studios, a 2017 David Letterman Award winning media scholar, and the 2017 Denver Comic Con Popular Culture Educator of the Year.


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