Continental President's Message 
Greetings from Salt Lake City Utah!
I hope that everyone has had a great start to the new school year. For me it is always nice to have everyone back from a long summer. I thought that my first message would include a formal introduction to you. My name is Nicci Rivetti and I am the Retail Food Service Manager for the Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City Utah. I operate retail services in the Student Center building and also concessions for athletics.  Our student base is huge we have over 50,000 students and 20,000 of them are on my campus.  There is always something new and exciting on our campus. I am very excited about this upcoming year with NACUFS in the Continental region.  We have a great council that is preparing activities that will be available for you throughout the year.  Members of our council is a mix from across the region we have folks from North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, and Utah. 
Our Regional Conference this year will be held in Fargo North Dakota February 26th through March 1st. Lisa Gibson from Stanford Health  is our conference chair and has put together a great conference full of education, good food and entertainment. We will have education on Midwestern Plant based diet, energy management, and then it is all about the food. I have heard this conference   referred to as a Culinary Journey!! Sounds exciting please look for registration and agenda details soon on our website. To view our video please visit http://www.nacufs.org/regions-continental/regional-conference1/
Warmest Regards,
The joint Pacific/Continental Regional Conference was a WIN/WIN for Everyone!

The Pacific and Continental region combined this year to hold a spectacular conference in Reno, NV March 21-23, 2013.

The Council and Committee Chairs started early with a council meeting on March 21st.


Cindy Hogenson-Information Office, Marianne Jurayj-Education Chair, Chris Justice-President Elect, Mike Kosevich-Treasurer, Eric Webb-Membership, Orlynn Rosaasen-Strategic Liaison, Paul Mineau-Internship, Kerry Paterson-President (Not Pictured: Lisa Gibson-Past President, Stephen Hull-Industry Liaison, Adria Gillitzer-Nutrition Chair, Barbara Lettich-Conference Liaison

The two regions held a joint First Timers event. 


The region had five competitors in the Culinary Challenge.


Phil Edwards, Concordia College-Moorhead, MN



James Nelson, North Idaho College


Nicholas A. Nordberg, University of Wyoming


Miles Moorman, U of Colorado-Boulder



Peter Testory, Colorado State University

Congratulations to all the competitors for earning a medal.  Peter Testory was awarded the highest score and opportunity to represent the region at the national challenge.  Good luck, Peter!


Back Row: Nicholas A. Nordberg-Bronze, James Nelson-Bronze. Front Row: Phil Edwards-Bronze, Peter Testory-Silver, Miles Moorman-Silver

Announcing Travel Reimbursement Incentive for 2013 Regional Conference

Message from:

Kerry Paterson CEC
NACUFS Continental Region

Happy Mardi Gras

Your Continental Regional Council is offering a $150 per person travel incentive to Continental institutional members who attend the Regional conference in Reno from March 21 – 24, 2013. Attached is information about this incentive and the reimbursement form you’ll need to use after the conference.

Travel Reimbursement Information

Form for Travel Reimbursement

This is going to be a great conference with dynamic speakers and a culinary challenge that is starting to heat up (sorry for the pun!!). The Pacific region has worked hard to bring us this conference and I want to encourage all Continental Region Institutions to send some people to this event. Not only do you get to network with your fellow Continental members, but also have the opportunity to pull ideas and gather information from those in the Pacific Region.

Early discounted registration is due to close next Wednesday 2/27 so don’t wait – Register now. The link below takes you to the conference page on the NACUFS website,


Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions related to either the conference or the travel incentive.

Christina Voyles shares insights from the Marketing Institute

Submitted by: Christina Voyles, Director of Marketing
University of Montana Dining Services 

December 8, 2012: I’m at the Atlanta airport, waiting for my flight home from having participated in the NACUFS Marketing Institute. And the interesting thing is, this isn’t the same airport I flew into five days ago. Somehow in the terminal, now I’m aware of marketing everywhere! Now there are logos and branding to mull over, customers to watch queuing at certain places but not others, employee uniforms to look at, slogans to take in, traffic patters to try and understand, guest service to notice, placement of products in restaurants, delis, and news shops to consider. How come only five days ago, these things weren’t more than the typical landscape of daily life? Suddenly, everything has changed; its mind boggling, overwhelming, frightening, inspiring, and exactly what I’d hoped for!

December 19, 2012: I’ve had time to think about what I’ve learned from the institute and some immediate projects come to mind:

  • Clarify and solidify our "brand."
  • Work with our Coke representative to better utilize their student ambassador program, scholarships, and to highlight Coke’s sustainable efforts to further our own sustainable efforts.
  • Improve our social media.
  • Establish a Marketing Budget.
  • Increase communication and interaction with our customers (via surveys, focus groups, working more closely with various student groups), for a better understanding of our customer’s needs.

Perhaps the most important element I’m coming away with is our need to develop a brand. We have failed in this area – our messaging is convoluted, we lose our customers attention, and they are confused by many of our programs and offerings. Once our brand is better established, we can begin the fun and innovative part of getting our messaging out there!

Two examples from this institute that I plan to try are "Movement Marketing" and "Interruption Marketing." Movement Marketing seems counterintuitive, as the focus isn’t on the product or the services offered, rather on beliefs, or a cause. We have an incredible Farm to College program, and Movement Marketing would involve focusing on it without trying to "sell" it. We would simply be honest and sincere about how important our program is not only to us as a major food provider, but to our community and economy as well. If you believe it, and do it, the customer will take on your cause and become very loyal to your brand.

Interruption Marketing is a more humorous approach in which the customer’s activities are disrupted. A good example was the tweeting "war" between Taco Bell and Old Spice.

Interruption Marketing would go over well with the millennial generation on our campus. We currently do a fantastic job of putting on fun, "monotony breaker" events in both our Board Plan and Retail Operations, but we could better align our messaging with that lighthearted humor.

I’m beginning the process of rebranding our department (new names, logos, uniforms, marketing collateral, etc.). While I don’t have a Marketing Degree, I’ve done a lot of reading, studying, thinking, networking, but the Marketing Institute has given me much more than what I’ve learned on my own. I now have inspiration, encouragement, resources, support and budding partnerships that I am confident will blossom into invaluable working relationships and future friendships. I’d underestimated the importance of gathering with peers who face the same challenges; it has been invaluable. Prior the institute, I’d had many sleepless nights thinking about how we would rebrand our department by this Fall Semester. Since attending the Marketing Institute, I feel well poised to take on that monumental task and I can’t wait to being implementing what I’ve learned.


President's Message


Kia Ora,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and memorable Thanksgiving and if your schedule allowed, you managed to take some time off to spend with family and friends.  

This month marks the start of a new era for NACUFS as our association’s new Executive Director Gretchen Couraud assumes her role at the national office in Okemos, MI.  Gretchen is only the third executive director in the association’s 54-year history.  On behalf of the Continental Region I would like to welcome her to the association and wish her every success in her new position.  After having met her at this month’s board meeting, I know she is already busy learning the ins and outs of our NACUFS organization.  You will all have an opportunity to meet her at the upcoming regional conference in March.

Speaking of which, the 2013 Continental Regional Conference is being held in conjunction with the Pacific Region in Reno, Nevada from March 21 -24, 2013.  The theme of the conference is “Generations” and the conference committee has been busy putting together an exciting list of speakers, including;

• Chef Jeff Henderson – A tough South Central L.A. and San Diego street kid who ended up in prison at age 24.  While serving his sentence he discovered a passion for cooking and a drive to turn his life around.

• Meagan Johnson – A highly charged, participatory presenter who will outline the dominant generational forces in today’s workplace and how each generations’ “generational signposts” drive motivation, influence loyalty, and deliver high quality services.

The conference committee currently has a call for programs out, so if you have an idea or success you feel you would like to share with everyone, please submit the necessary forms by January 21, 2013.

One of my favorite parts of the NACUFS conferences is watching the culinary challenge.  This year’s competition is shaping up to be no different, with a high standard once again achieved around the mandatory ingredient of duck.  The rules for this competition can be found on the NACUFS website under the “Recognition” section.

Competitors will compete in Reno to decide who will have the honor of representing the region at the National Conference in July (along with regional bragging rights for a year!!!).  The winner’s institution will also be reimbursed up to $2000 towards travel expenses.  Believe me, competing in this competition challenges you as a culinarian. It also gives you exposure to new levels of talent, experience, and organization skills.  It’s a great opportunity to network with, learn from, and exchange ideas with fellow culinarians from the other universities and colleges.  Those wishing to enter this competition will need to have their completed entry form submitted to Vaughan Vargus, Executive Chef, University of California – San Diego, vvargus@ucsd.edu by January 7, 2013. So pass this information onto your culinary staff and encourage them to participate.  

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Reno.  Keep watching the region’s website for additional information on registration, conference speakers, and schedule details.

Another great opportunity for your establishment to participate in is the Foodservice Management Internships.  These are paid internships sponsored by NACUFS and offered in cooperation with the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I).  The program allows students to put all that classroom theory into practice by working in a real world work environment, providing invaluable on-the-job experience that they can use after graduating.

A number of universities within our region take advantage of this program every year and have rated the experience extremely beneficial for both the intern and the host institution.  Paul Mineau, Montana State University – Bozeman, pmineau@montana.edu, is our committee chair overseeing the internship program for the region, so please contact Paul if you have any questions, or if your campus is interested in becoming a host school for the 2013 summer interns. Applications to be a host school close January 18, 2013.

Remember that the regional council continues to encourage our members to get off their own campus to visit other NACUFS Continental member campuses within a day’s drive with our “Go Local” program.  The region will reimburse your university or college for vehicle rental and mileage costs up to $300.  This is a great way to get a van load of your employees and go visit another dining operation and exchange ideas.

In closing I would like to wish everyone and their families a Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year.  May all your holiday wishes, New Year resolutions, and goals come to fruition.

Hei konā mai      (Goodbye for now)

Kerry Paterson CEC
NACUFS Continental Region


The Financial Management Institute was a valuable experience for Joe Hostetler

Submitted by: Joe Hostetler
CBord/Business Systems manager
University of Colorado at Boulder

The Financial Management Institute of 2012 was overall a very thought-provoking experience.  Having just taken a new role in my workplace, I saw this as an opportunity to learn more insight on the various areas of financial management, and many of the potential outside factors which impacts this area.  The institute offered a good mix of finance and accounting subject matter as well as operations-based material, making this a valuable institute for those of different backgrounds.

Some of the best things I was able to take away from this experience include: contribution margin analysis and menu engineering of convenience store items; contract development and negotiation; the principles of creating a zero-based budget; gaining some insight of how other colleges and universities operate in different aspects; and working on the final project which tied everything we’d discussed together into summation, even including interpretive dance!
This was a good group of industry professionals with whom to work and network.  In the evenings it was nice being able to break away with different groups for dinner each evening.  The presenters and facilitators of the institute were all very knowledgeable regarding the subject matter and clearly have had extensive real-life experience to back up the points they were working to convey.  I would recommend this institute to anyone who has an interest in this area.