Continental President's Message 
Greetings from Salt Lake City Utah!
I hope that everyone has had a great start to the new school year. For me it is always nice to have everyone back from a long summer. I thought that my first message would include a formal introduction to you. My name is Nicci Rivetti and I am the Retail Food Service Manager for the Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City Utah. I operate retail services in the Student Center building and also concessions for athletics.  Our student base is huge we have over 50,000 students and 20,000 of them are on my campus.  There is always something new and exciting on our campus. I am very excited about this upcoming year with NACUFS in the Continental region.  We have a great council that is preparing activities that will be available for you throughout the year.  Members of our council is a mix from across the region we have folks from North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, and Utah. 
Our Regional Conference this year will be held in Fargo North Dakota February 26th through March 1st. Lisa Gibson from Stanford Health  is our conference chair and has put together a great conference full of education, good food and entertainment. We will have education on Midwestern Plant based diet, energy management, and then it is all about the food. I have heard this conference   referred to as a Culinary Journey!! Sounds exciting please look for registration and agenda details soon on our website. To view our video please visit http://www.nacufs.org/regions-continental/regional-conference1/
Warmest Regards,
Continental President's Message

Greetings from Montana,

WOW! What a whirlwind! The "Disruptive Innovation" Continental Regional Conference at Brigham Young University in Provo was great. Many thanks to the teams from Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University for hosting. All of your hard work paid off with a delightful experience. A director told me that just one interest session made the conference worth the time and resources needed to attend. Gale Cotton from BYU offered to share her expertise and on-line training videos and the director was thrilled. Whether it is the education, showcase, or just the opportunity to network with our peers, NACUFS conferences offer all of us an opportunity to really take advantage of what our organization is all about.

This conference definitely set the bar for the University of Montana in 2015. I am looking forward to seeing all of you next year in Missoula, March 29 through April 1 for the "Taste of Montana."

Since I was first appointed as president-elect and then as president, I have been overwhelmed by the phone calls and emails of support. We are fortunate to work in a region where our peers are so willing to reach out and offer support or advice. Please keep the advice and suggestions coming! Your comments and ideas will assist the Regional Council with direction and focus.

I am looking forward to the next two years as your Regional President. I am confident that we can work together and move the region forward as NACUFS moves into a new era with strategic planning and the governance process.

Part of the beauty and strength of NACUFS is what the organization offers to such a wide variety of food service professionals. There are programs and educational opportunities for the novice to the seasoned professional in culinary and management. We openly share information through our list serves, emails and when we get together at institutes or conferences. Like any new president I have a list of things I would like to see:

  • More sub-regional educational opportunities for members
  • An organized tour of campuses in the region to share information
  • Effective marketing of  NACUFS to other colleges and universities in the Continental Region to increase membership
  • More transparency for how and why members are chosen to attend institutes.
  • An exploration of how we might engage newer members
  • A review of the institutes and what membership would like to see in the future
  • A review of NACUFS resources on-line and what members would like to see
  • More frequent communication about the Regional Council and National Board of Directors activities 
  • Better utilization of our volunteers and better role descriptions of what we need our volunteers to do

What would you like to see? Please let me know.

Byron Drake
NACUFS Continental Regional President
byron.drake@mso.umt.edu or (406) 243-4139

Message from the Continental Region President

Kia Ora Continental Region,

I’m sure everyone is well into their summer programs welcoming future students, doing orientations, getting wrapped up in the energy from the various youth camps while balancing service with adult conferences.  I hope that somewhere in the midst of all this that you are able to take some down time and enjoy a well-earned break.

With July now here it is time to start thinking about the upcoming National Conference in Minneapolis it looks like our region will be hosting a great conference.  I want to pass on the councils thanks to Dean Wright and Amy Beckstrom for co-chairing and heading up the organizing committee for this conference and to everyone who volunteered to serve on this committee these past few years.  Their vision and the fruits of their labor are about to become real for all of us to enjoy.

They have put together a wide variety of pre-conference events including a baking workshop, a neighborhood marketing retail workshop, advances in animal nutrition research, and the first NACUFS fishing tournament on Lake Minnetonka.  The main conference is also looking very exciting with strong keynote, general, and super session speakers, with a wide range of interest session, a large trade show and the final night’s bash on Nicollet Island for a “Great Minnesota Get-Together”.

I want to wish our regional culinary challenge winner, Peter Testory, Senior Executive Chef at Colorado State University good luck as he takes on the best from the other regions.  He’s been practicing hard these past few months fine tuning his dish and getting those taste profiles just right.  If you are attending the conference, the culinary challenge is Thursday evening so please drop by and support Peter in his efforts.

If you haven’t registered for the conference or any of the pre-conference events yet, don’t panic, you still can by visiting the NACUFS website.

On the National front, the board of directors has and will continue to spend a lot of time working with members of the strategic plan committee as they develop a new strategic plan for the next 5 years.  The process they have in place for the development of this plan casts a wide net to solicited input from a large number of our members from all regions and at all levels of their careers.  I’m sure the document they present to the membership at next year’s General Membership Assemble meeting (GMA) will be a strategic plan that will outline how NACUFS will move forward to become an even stronger association that meets the needs of its members.  More information on this process will be outlined at this year’s GMA scheduled for Friday afternoon of the conference.

Congratulations to Norma Patino, Utah State University for winning a Clark E. DeHaven scholarship and to Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado and Concordia College for being Loyal E. Horton award winners. In fact Concordia is a multi-category winner.  Way to go everyone!!!

The council is looking for some locations willing to host sub-regionals or some other ideas for a one day regional educational session.  If you have an idea that you feel would be of interest to everyone in the region or if your institution would like to host a sub-regional, please feel free to contact our regional education chair, Marianne Jurayj at marianna.jurayj@mcnalleysmith.edu

I look forward to meeting up with everyone again next week at the national conference. See you all at the regional breakfast Friday morning.

Hei konā mai      (Goodbye for now)

Kerry Paterson CEC
President, NACUFS Continental Region

Kerry Paterson pleasantly surprised by Planning Institute

by Kerry Paterson

When the outline for this institute mentioned that an emphasis would be on strategic planning my brain went into a nose dive bringing up images of previous strategic planning work groups I’ve been involved with that tended to spend weeks, if not months, getting stuck on wordsmithing the very first sentence of a mission or vision statement.

In reality this is far from the case with this institute. From day one, the presenter Bruce Flye started explaining the principles of Idealized Design and participants up out of their seats, at the walls and using those post-it notes like crazy to “design the mess” and start making those connections of influence.  As the week progressed the bigger picture started to emerge and your plans go from being ideas to reality. The concept of “looking at the final goal” and “not at the starting point” really does make sense when you apply the methods taught at this institute to your strategic or business planning.

Overall, a great institute that I highly recommend to all at any stage of their career. Hormel was an excellent host for this event, providing a relaxing place to learn, and with staff who are very accommodating, knowledgeable, and willing to share. The NACUFS facilitators and staff rounded out the hosting team that did such a great job guiding you through the process that pushed us out of your comfort zones and into that arena where learning occurs.

Of course, this experience was made more rewarding by the group of peers who took this journey of discovery with me. I thank each and every one of you for sharing your own knowledge and experiences.

 Kerry Paterson

Assistant Director of Dining for Culinary Operations/Executive Chef, UC Boulder


Justin Sutherland says FSMI is a valuable experience

Submitted by: Justin Sutherland
Assistant Manager
University of Colorado at Boulder 

I had the pleasure of attending the food service management institute in Buffalo this summer. I had a wonderful and educational experience, the lessons from which I will not soon forget. The institute starts right off the bat with classroom work, and then quickly ties in the classroom theory with applicable group work. Both the restaurant creation and the concept presentation were challenging projects that took our group through all the stages of development and created many friends in the process. The subjects of budget creation, cost control, menu creation, pricing theory and team management are relevant to anyone in our industry and our presenters were wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly. Rich’s was a great sponsor, and the company’s representatives, Mike and Michael, were intricate parts of the institute. I took a great deal away from this experience, and believe that anyone interested in professional development and networking should take this institute.

Continental Region Nutrition E-Bulletin, May 2013

The Continental Region's Nutrition Committee has released the May 2013 Nutrition e-Bulletin.

In this issue:

  • Member Spotlight: Sonya Gaydos
  • Pollan Cooks!
  • Seek the Guidance of THE Food and Nutrition Experts
  • Students’ Diet and Physical Activity Improve With Parent Communications
  • Congrats to Continental Region winner University of Minnesota!

Download the May 2013 Nutrition e-Bulletin