Regional Director's Message


Continental Region

August 21, 2017

Hello my NACUFS Colleagues and Friends

I hope everyone has had a great summer and is ready to start back to another exciting academic year on their campus. Here at the University of Utah we are having our annual kick off to athletics with Fan Fest and multiple student orientations.  I would like to take a moment and introduce our new Continental Regional Council. We have Katie Tarter, the Auxiliary Director from North Dakota school of science working as our Marketing Chair. Evan Horton, Concessions Manager at North Dakota State University as our new Membership Chair. Dave Chambers from Utah State University will serve as our new Education Chair. As regional Treasure Clay Meissner. Last but certainly not least Karl Bendix will serve as our Regional Director Elect. I have a great honor to work with a great group of professionals this year striving to build NACUFS Continental Region with helpful resources and excellent networking.  This upcoming regional conference will be held in my home town of Salt Lake City, Utah. I am looking forward to having NACUFS both Continental and Pacific regions here in my home state educating our members on excellence in collegiate dining. 

Warmest Regards,