David R. Prentkowski Distinguished Lifetime Member Award

The David R. Prentkowski Distinguished Lifetime Member Award honors individuals retired from a college or university foodservice leadership position or a position that has supported the betterment of college and university foodservices. 

Individual award nominations for 2020 have closed.



Past Winners

2019 Art Korandanis, 2018 Russ Meyer, 2017 Richard Turnbull, 2016 Scott Berlin, 2015 Terri Rathsack, 2014 Shirleta Benfield, 2013 Haddon Reines, Sharon Coulson, Sarah Johnson, 2012 H. Michael Rice, 2011 Jane Grant-Shambaugh, 2010 Margaret (Peg) Lacey, 2009 Brian Klippel, 2008 Jamesena Miller, 2007 Bill May, 2006 Ron Inlow, 2005 Norm Hill, 2004 James Hodgkins, 2003 Elaine Bellew, 2002 Larry Barrett and Steve Bowers, 2001 James Dean, 2000 Leonard Hodgson, 1999 Donald Jacobs, 1998 Walt Luecke, 1996 Normand Cleaveland, 1995 Paul Moore and Ted Smith, 1994 Paul Fairbrook, 1992 Clark E. DeHaven and Jean M. Riggs, 1991 Joe Blair and Rachel Mays and Douglas H. Richie, 1990 Fred W. Dollar and Theodore W. Minah