Daryl Van Hook Industry Award

The Daryl Van Hook Industry Award is presented annually to an industry member (individual and/or organization) based on outstanding support to the association. The winner of this award receives a plaque and recognition in Campus Dining Today and Membership Directory.

Individual award nominations for 2020 are due January 31, 2020.



Past Winners

2019 Patrick McBride, 2018 Dean Summa, Wells Enterprises/Blue Bunny, 2017 Greg Hetfield, Hormel Foods Corporation, 2016 Sharon Olson, 2015 Rob Geile, Ali Group North America. 2014 Jon Garrett, Premier REACH, 2013 Andrew Shakman, LeanPath Inc., 2012 Mona Milius, Bakergroup Foodservice Consultants, 2011 Elisa Verhille, Go RED - Food Service Consulting & Connections, Inc., 2010 Richard Hynes, Hobart, 2009 Nancy Lane, Hubert Company; 2008 Ronna Davis, Signature Apparel; 2007 Sandy Nicholason, Novamex; 2006 Ellyn Elson, Computrition; 2005 Bill Schlobohm, Innovasian Cuisine; 2004 Meredith Austin, Tyson Foods; 2003 Marti Miller, Johnsonville Sausage; 2002 Helene Clark, ConAgra Foods; 2001 Haddon Reines, Performance Food Group; 2000 H. David Porter & Robin Porter, Porter Khouw Consulting; 1999 Craig Parker; 1998 Hugh Dorsett, Desert Glory; 1997 Daryl Van Hook; 1996 Bruce Robinson, F'REAL! Foods; 1995 Michael Joseph, Rich Products Corporation; 1994 Gordon Lewis; 1993 Andrea M. Adams; 1992 Tyson Foods, Inc. 


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