Priority Points

Each company who joins NACUFS and participates in its events has a priority point total in the Association’s records. These priority points are cumulative for the most recent three-year period. Points are earned using the accrual chart below.

Priority Point Accrual

1 Point for exhibiting at the national showcase.

1 Point for being a NACUFS Industry Member.

1 Point per $1,000 of sponsorship investment at NACUFS events.
Sponsorship points are awarded for direct monetary sponsorships for national and regional education programs and activities during the past year. These include the national programs, such as national conference, regional conferences, educational institutes, workshops, seminars, video conferences, publications (other than advertising), and other professional development projects. Program enhancement sponsorships are not awarded points. Points are documented by sponsorship checks made payable to NACUFS and other requested documentation. Sponsorship points are earned annually and do not carry over to the next year’s point total.

A company’s priority point total is used to place the company in rank order for initial priority assignment of the national showcase. The company must submit a space application by the stated deadline and comply with all other requirements in order to participate in the initial priority assignment process.  At the close of the day on the assignment date, priority points become temporarily void. Any applications that arrive after this deadline will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis no matter what priority point total such applicants may have. This assignment of late applicants does not keep them from earning points for exhibiting but their priority point total has no practical value until the next year’s assignment process.

Priority Point FAQ

NACUFS Showcase Booth Selection

Showcase booths are assigned online according to an established Priority Point system. NACUFS will set aside 25% of the total number of booths to be available on a first-come, first-serve basis to companies not getting a booth during the online selection process. The association reserves the right to use its sole discretion in reassigning space in cases where competitive products have exhibits adjacent to each other.

Information for NACUFS booth assignment process can be found here.

If you have questions about your firm’s priority point total, please contact the NACUFS Events team at natl_conference@NACUFS.org.