Super Sessions 

Steve Donahue 

This high energy, interactive session will positively disrupt how you imagine your job and motivate others. We will learn how to incorporate the 5 components of an epic story into our food service culture to boost teamwork, elevate effort and increase job satisfaction. Breakthroughs in brain science are revealing the extraordinary power of stories and how narrative is an essential component of human consciousnesses. Steve’s research has uncovered 3 industries generating over $1 billion dollars in revenue by leveraging the world’s oldest story type. Steve will give us a complete narrative system to create a workplace that inspires epic results. 

Member Forum

We have moved and expanded the member forums! Right here at the beginning of the conference make sure you "band together" with your peers. Compare notes, get new ideas, network and get to know your colleagues.
The member forums are divided in to two 30 minute round table sessions. Each session will have a topic and a moderator to keep the valuable exchange of ideas going. This will be an extremely interactive session of ideas. Don’t miss this chance to meet your counterparts from other schools! The round-table member forums will include hot topics in a number of areas, c- stores, sustainability, contract managers, directors, nutrition, marketing, catering and more!

Download notes provided by the member forum discussion moderators.