Apply for an Institute

The 2019 Institute application will be available in early January.

The Institute application process is a completely online process. To apply for an institute, complete the online application form by:

The application form should provide plenty of room to provide relevant information. You have the option of uploading a resume and/or letter of recommendation; these documents must be in PDF format. 

Institute Application

Please note: You can not save an application in process and return to it later. You may download the Institute Application Worksheet as a place to draft your application. You will still need to return to this page and submit your application online by cutting and pasting your answers from the worksheet.

If your submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation below and a copy of your submission will be emailed to you and your voting delegate. If you do not see a confirmation below after hitting 'submit form,' your application was not successful. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your application is received; either by receiving a confirmation email, or contacting the NACUFS office.