Live Webinars

*At this time, the 2020 Spring Webinars will not be live, but instead recorded and made available to our members free of charge. Sign in to MyNACUFS.org to further grow your distance learning opportunities!

Live webinars have many advantages as a distance learning option. Connect with other collegiate foodservice professionals from the comfort of your campus, while having a real-time option for asking questions and interacting with other participants. Webinars save you money and time that you would have otherwise spent on travel, and often allow you the opportunity to broadcast the presentation to all your staff at once. Most NACUFS webinars allow for questions during the webinar, as well as contact information to follow up with the presenters after the program.


How Technology is Reshaping the Physical Retail Space
Business Administration Knowledge Domain:
Presented by Ben Anderson, GrubHub Campus
Available early April

Learn how retail is changing to meet the needs of today’s evolving consumers and the downstream impacts on-campus dining operations.  Ben Anderson will share how mobile technology and systems are transforming the retail experience and creating wins for campus operators in labor efficiencies, increased sales, and improved service.  Real-world examples from member schools will be shared.

Sourcing and Recruiting Talent through Community Engagement 
Campus & Community Engagement Knowledge Domain:
Presented by Washington University Dining Services, St. Louis, MO
Available late April/early May

In today’s challenging labor market, operators need new strategies to identify and recruit talent. Learn how Washington University in St. Louis partnered with two local organizations that educate, train, and support people with special needs who can support your dining program’s staffing needs while also teaching critical work and life skills that many of us take for granted.

Engaging Students in New Facility Design at MIT
Campus & Community Engagement Knowledge Domain:
Presented by Noami Carton, Associate Dean, Graduate Student Support, MIT
Available early May

Learn about MIT’s three-year journey to design, develop, and implement a new first-year residential community, New Vassar, that offers students the opportunities to: dine at an AYCTE facility, cook, take a kitchen chemistry course, or purchase items in a marketplace.  Student and faculty engagement strategies were key to making this project a success!



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