NACUFS is driven by the varied and changing needs of its members. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to actively engage in activities that are important to the association's future, keeping it relevant and ensuring that it offers the programs and resources you need. This won't just help move the association forward—it will help you hone your skills and expertise, and create lasting relationships with your peers.

Association Leadership

A great organization relies on great leadership. You can serve the association by running for a leadership position at either the regional or national level. Regional council members develop programming within their region and regional presidents serve on the national board of directors, which governs overall association policies and procedures.

Committees & Project Teams

NACUFS programs and services are driven by the volunteers who serve on the association's many standing committees. Whatever your interest—education, marketing, benchmarking, nutrition and more—there is a committee or project team that can use your talents.

Ad-hoc Committees and Special Projects

Periodically, NACUFS creates new programs or services, or revises old ones. To accomplish these tasks, a group is brought together for the duration of the project, and disbanded afterwards. These special project teams provide good chances to influence important resources, such as the Professional Practices Manual, without the commitment of a standing committee.

Be a Virtual Volunteer

If you need a volunteer experience that doesn't require a great deal of time or travel, NACUFS also has many opportunities to lend a hand online. You can moderate a forum in the eCommunity, or post pictures or updates to the association Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Share Your Expertise

The ability to share your expertise with your peers is bounded only by your imagination. Write an article for publication in Campus Dining Today or the association's e-newsletter; present an interest session at a conference or educational program; or assist your peers by serving on a management consulting or professional practices visitation team.