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    Associate Members

    Even if you are not affiliated with a NACUFS industry or institutional member, as an associate member you can receive many of the same same benefits. Associate members will not be allowed to vote or hold elected office. However, they may be appointed to a committee and act as chair.

    Membership Categories

    Associate membership is a non-voting category, open to any individual who:
    a. has professional responsibilities directly involve coordination of foodservice for multi-institutions, but whose whole definition does not fall within single institution definition.
    b. is currently an instructor of foodservice, nutrition, or related courses at a school, college, university or government agency.
    c. was previously a representative of a NACUFS member institution with a continuing personal interest in the association.
    d. is actively supervising the on-campus foodservice operation for a foodservice management company at a school, college, or university (campus foodservice director, unit manager or assistant manager only).
    e. is actively supervising the on-site foodservice operation in a hospital, industry location, or a restaurant with a personal interest in college foodservice (unit foodservice directors, unit managers, or assistant managers only).

    Associate members receive:



    Annual dues for sub-categories a, b, c, and e: $150.  Download the 2017 membership application.