NACUFS Board of Trustees Elections


This year’s slate represents a solid group of individuals who fulfill the competencies required to lead NACUFS forward as we embrace our new vision.  These competencies include:

Toward that end, the nominating committee reviewed all nominations and is proud to present the following slate of candidates for the 2019-2020 NACUFS Board of Trustees:

These candidates will join current board members: Robert Holden, University of Georgia; Ken Toong, University of Massachusetts, Kristina Patridge, University of Alabama, Merrill Collins, Connecticut College, Jennifer Hickey, Washington & Lee University, Kerry Paterson, Oregon State University; and Gretchen Couraud, NACUFS.

The bylaws state that members may submit additional nominations to be considered for the slate at this time. Any additional nominations must be submitted before May 28. The nominating committee will review any nominations based upon the same criteria as they reviewed the original nominees and submit the final slate of candidates to the board of trustees by June 12. The board will approve the final slate and it will be communicated to members by June 22, with a vote at the General Membership Assembly on July 12.

Candidate Statements


Orlynn Rosaasen

Candidate for President Elect


I am honored to have to be nominated for the NACUFS President Elect. I’ve been in the food service industry for the past 34 years, with the last 20 years as the Director of Dining Services at the University of North Dakota. I’ve seen numerous changes in college and university food service and know there are more changes on the horizon, similar to NACUFS.

As I reflect on my years as a leader in the college and university food service, I can’t help but think about my transition into the role as director. There I was, responsible for a large comprehensive multi-million dollar operation with hundreds of employees. I had a great support network around me but I still needed to gain the respect of the University administration. I was able to do so by my actions, preparing myself for meetings and discussions, being knowledgeable of the topics being discussed, following established policies and procedures, and making ethical educated data driven decisions. Through this process, I gained the respect of the University administration, which then made it easier for me to accomplish the goals I had for dining services.  These same set of principle can be applied to whatever we choose to do in life, whether it’s a professional positon in college & university food service or as a volunteer in an association such as NACUFS. 

As NACUFS wraps up the work on the current strategic plan, we need to start thinking and planning for the next strategic plan. Although, developing a plan is just the start of the process. The real work starts with breathing life into the plan, getting people to see the vision and join in on the journey. That’s where the excitement and accomplishment occurs. As leaders, we all do this on our campuses, whether it convincing a campus decision maker to approve a capital improvement project or showing a front line cook a new process.

These are exciting and challenging times for NACUFS. The Learning Committee has done excellent work on the Body of Knowledge, the professional team at NACUFS continues to implement the new AMS system, the executive committee has been working with IATF to develop a point system that better addresses our industry members needs and the needs of NACUFS, and we’ve been working with the Clark DeHaven Trust to explore opportunities to move the Clark DeHaven Trust funds into a NACUFS foundation. As an organization, we need continued focus on the NACUFS value proposition so we can continue to meet the needs of our existing membership while increasing overall membership. As President Elect, and eventually President, I look forward to continued progress.  

As a member of the Board of Trustees, I’ve participated in the work of the Board of Trustees and have witnessed the passion and commitment the board members have to NACUFS and its members.  It’s a great organization driven by its members and I am excited for the opportunity to continue serving NACUFS and its members.


Nancy Monteer

Candidate for At-Large Trustee

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve NACUFS on the Board as an At Large Trustee.  With a two year term, it takes one year to get up to speed and just when you think you know what you are doing, the term is up!  The opportunity to continue to serve the organization that I love and that has given me so much is a real honor.  Thank you for trusting me to continue to fill this role for the next two years.


Steve Mangan

Candidate for At-Large Trustee

It's been a great opportunity to represent the membership as a trustee at large and I'm looking forward to another term.  My experience over the last two years has helped me understand the best way to bring innovation and new ideas forward for the leadership to consider.



Theresa Baker

Candidate for At-Large Trustee

I am honored to be nominated for the NACUFS Board of Trustees. I have been involved in NACUFS for the past twenty years and am excited to be able to give back to NACUFS in this role. Throughout my career in university dining, NACUFS has been a strong force in shaping my career path and a great group of friends, colleagues, and mentors who have insired me.

NACUFS is continuing to evolve, change, and grow to keep pace with the college dining industry, its new challenges and a dynamic marketplace. It is an exciting time. As an At-Large Trustee, I look forward to serving NACUFS and its members to promote and support excellence in collegiate dining and for us to be positioned for success for the next 30 years.


Barbara Kane

Candidate for Industry Trustee

What an honor to be considered for the position of Industry Trustee for NACUFS. The key to this great association is having both Institutional and Industry members working together to promote and support excellence in collegiate dining.

With over 30 years of experience in the foodservice industry as well as previous board of director roles in both non-profit associations and university advisory boards, I bring the experience of governing as well as strategic thinking and vision to NACUFS. We must stay focused on moving this association forward by making decisions that will help us be sustainable for the next 60 years!


Jeff Yawn

Candidate for Treasurer

I am super excited to continue my service on the NACUFS board of trustees with such a dedicated group of truly high quality individuals committed to furthering our association and bettering campus dining as a whole. The progress we've made in recent years promises to lead to continued success.