Board of Trustees Slate of Candidates 


Robert Holden


I am honored to be considered for the position of President Elect for NACUFS.  I have been in education for 33 years in both K12 and Higher Education.  Throughout my career my focus has been on elevating the food we serve our students.  As an organization, I believe NACUFS role is to assist in raising the awareness of the campus dining programs, showcasing the importance to both student success, and in elevating the image of the institution. 

I have been a part of NACUFS through the changes from nine regions, to six, to where we are today.  During that time, I have served in different capacities and understand the importance of the members and the need to better connect the members to the mission and organization.  In the past I have served as President of the Pacific Region, chaired a regional conference, served as mentor, attended institutions and conferences, as well as assisting in the revision of the contract administrator’s handbook.  I have overseen contracted and self-operated dining programs of various sizes and worked at three different universities from Alaska to California to my current home at the University of Georgia.  With my experience, I hope to add value to NACUFS bringing in additional collaboration and communication to the organization. 

The NACUFS brand and value is in raising the image of all college foodservice programs.  This goal is one I believe can be obtained through addition education opportunities and programs where institutions openly share their operations with others.  Raising the communication and sharing our experiences will raise our programs and NACUFS.  In doing so we will raise the awareness in our own institutions.  Rising tides lift all ships, we have the opportunity to be that tide. 

At Large Trustees

 Steve Mangan


It is an honor to be nominated to the At-Large Trustee position on the NACUFS Board of Trustees. I look forward to contributing a voice to the leadership team of NACUFS by supporting the strategic plan as we all move forward together in a time of accelerating change in our industry, our institutions, and in the nation and the world. My interests lie in sustainability, procurement, and food system connections with respect to the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion, staff development and training. From the experiences and knowledge that I have gained while directing Michigan Dining, I hope to contribute ideas to work together to address the real challenges ahead for our NACUFS membership.  


Nancy Monteer


I came to collegiate dining in 1999 with previous experience in healthcare dining.  Working at the University of Missouri, the value of NACUFS was instilled early and I got involved with then Region IV on the Education Committee in 2000 and have been involved ever since.  What struck me most about NACUFS as an organization was the networking, education and information exchange.  Everyone I encountered was eager to share anything I needed to be successful in my new role as a residential dining manager.  From that point on I was “hooked” on NACUFS.

Fast-forward 17 years, and here I am benefitting from years of NACUFS membership that have helped me grow professionally and personally.  In looking at the Portfolio of Excellence for this organization, I see Education, Networking, Information Exchange, Benchmarking, Recognition, Food innovation and Volunteerism.  I can honestly say that each of these tools are part of what have made me the food service professional I am today.  I am passionate about working with NACUFS to continue these key initiatives while looking to the future to deliver continued relevance of the organization for the next generation of food service professionals. 

Industry Trustee

 Jon Garrett


In my ten years of participation, involvement and volunteerism with NACUFS, I’ve learned to appreciate the past, see the importance of ONE NACUFS and value the relationship between the Industry and Institutional Membership.  Through my involvement, I have gained considerable knowledge and established relationships that have helped me in all aspects of my career at Premier.  I appreciate the consideration for the Industry Trustee position and would be honored to serve the association in this capacity.

Now that the foundation for ONE NACUFS is built, it is time to focus on our strategic plan and ensure that the entire membership is getting value out of their investment and involvement in the association.  This is a very exciting time for NACUFS and I look forward to working collaboratively with the Board of Directors and the entire membership to set the stage for a great future.  I truly appreciate your support and look forward to helping NACUFS achieve our mission for years to come.


 Jeff Yawn


Collegiate dining plays a very influential role in recruiting, retaining and graduating students at our universities. NACUFS continues to be the best resource in our industry enabling us to do just that.

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for NACUFS Treasurer. I personally have benefited greatly from being involved in NACUFS for nearly 11 years, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact this organization has on my colleagues.

I am committed to supporting the NACUFS mission to promote and support excellence in collegiate dining, and I am committed to ensuring the organization’s financial well-being and responsibility. I currently serve as Southern Region Treasurer, and I would be grateful for the opportunity to continue to be of service in a treasurer capacity at the national level.