NACUFS Board of Trustees Elections


This year’s slate represents a solid group of individuals who fulfill the competencies required to lead NACUFS forward as we embrace our new vision.  These competencies include:

Toward that end, the nominating committee reviewed all nominations and is proud to present the following slate of candidates for the 2019-2020 NACUFS Board of Trustees:

These candidates will join current board members: Robert Holden, University of Georgia; Ken Toong, University of Massachusetts, Kristina Patridge, University of Alabama, Merrill Collins, Connecticut College, Jennifer Hickey, Washington & Lee University, Kerry Paterson, Oregon State University; and Gretchen Couraud, NACUFS.

The bylaws state that members may submit additional nominations to be considered for the slate at this time. Any additional nominations must be submitted before May 28. The nominating committee will review any nominations based upon the same criteria as they reviewed the original nominees and submit the final slate of candidates to the board of trustees by June 12. The board will approve the final slate and it will be communicated to members by June 22, with a vote at the General Membership Assembly on July 12.